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Welcome to Life Management Group. We’ve been proudly serving the C.S.R.A. for over 15 years.
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Life Coaching

Life Coaching Augusta GA

Cultivating individual promise is our commitment to serving individuals seeking change.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling Augusta GA

Trained counselors work with couples to navigate through whatever is causing disharmony.

Parent Counseling

Parent Counseling Augusta GA

Helping families anchor in a culture of change is our parenting experts long-time commitment.

Therapy – Counseling

Therapy Counseling Augusta GA

Professionals trained in all areas of the therapeutic spectrum to help create balanced lifestyles.

Grief Therapy Augusta Georgia Life Management Group


Grief Therapy & Counseling

The Action Program for Moving Beyond Loss

In this 8 week GRIEF RECOVERY PROGRAM participants will identify myths and misinformation about grieving and harmful behaviors for temporary relief of emotional pain. Other topics covered: Apologies/Amends, Forgiveness, Significant Emotional Statements and completion letters.

The beauty of this program is that group members are not allowed to give any personal advice or make judgments. Facilitated by Certified Grief Specialist, Anna-Maria Robinson, LPC.


Anger Management Counseling

Managing Anger in an Increasingly Angry World

Learn to understand your anger by identifying your triggers, typical anger behaviors, physical symptoms, emotional and relational effects, underlying fears and anger payoffs, self-control methods, aggressiveness versus assertiveness, assertive communication skills, conflict resolutions skills, relaxation training and practice.

Group members will learn how to monitor their negative self-talk and substitute constructive self-statements, and to express themselves assertively in a direct, honest and tactful way.

Anger Management Augusta Georgia Life Management Group

Marriage Counseling Augusta Georgia Life Management Counseling Services


About Life Management Group – Counseling Services

Life Management Group – Since 2003 we have been offering the CSRA Therapy, Family Coaching, Life Coaching, Parenting, Marriage Counseling, Play Therapy and so much more! Our goal? To make the CSRA a better place by…
  • PARENTING: Helping Families Anchor in a Culture of Change
  • COACHING: Cultivating the Essentials to Build Individual Promise
  • THERAPY/COUNSELING: Life. Changing. Conversations.

Play Therapy

Play is the highest form of research.”
– Albert Einstein

Child play therapy is a way of being with the child that honors their unique developmental level and looks for ways of helping in the “language” of the child – play.

Our extensively trained, licensed professionals therapeutically use play to help their clients–children ages three to 12 years–to better express themselves and resolve their problems.

Play Therapy Augusta Georgia Life Management Group

Life Coach – Therapy – Counseling Augusta GA

Marriage Counseling – Life Coaching – Parent Counseling – Therapy Counseling

Counseling Augusta GALife Management Group is a “Life Coaching/Self Help Company” that specializes in Marriage Counseling, and all types of counseling & classes, including, Cooperative Parenting in Divorce class, Parenting, Life Coaching, and Therapy – Counseling Augusta GA.

Life Management Group specializes in Marriage counseling services such as, the “Wedding Bells and Beyond” Workshop, for newlyweds or young couples; “Till Death Do Us Part” Program for those who want to reaffirm their commitments and sharpen their resolve, Marriage Coaching for those who are looking to get through a hard-to-solve issue and Marriage Therapy. Collectively, our counselors have over 50 years’ experience helping couples.

We’ve been proudly serving the C.S.R.A. for over 15 years. Call Today for a Better Tomorrow 706.733.0333

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Life Coach – Counseling Augusta Georgia

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