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Life Coaching Augusta GA

life coaching Augusta GA

P.O.S.E. Pillars Of Self Esteem

An Eight Week Educational Workshop for Women

There are realities that we cannot avoid. One of them is the importance of self-esteem. Regardless of what we do or do not admit, we cannot be indifferent to our self-evaluation. However, we can run from this knowledge if it makes us uncomfortable. We can shrug it off, evade it, declare that we are only interested in “practical” matters, and escape into baseball or the evening news of the financial pages or a shopping spree or a sexual adventure or a drink.

Yet self-esteem is a fundamental human need. Its impact requires neither our understanding nor our consent. It works its way within us with or without our knowledge. We are free to seek to grasp the dynamics of self-esteem or to remain unconscious of them, but in the latter case we remain a mystery to ourselves and endure the consequences.

  • The Basic Principals of Self-Esteem
  • The Meaning, Face and Illusion of Self-Esteem
  • How Does My Personality and Temperament Play a Role?

Understanding and Learning the Practice of…

  • Living Consciously
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Self Responsibility
  • Self-Assertiveness
  • Living Purposefully
  • Personal Integrity


The Illuminated Life and the Nature of the Self

This 20-hour, one-on-one program is designed to help the participant pursue ten basic questions concerning self to: 1) clarify and come to terms with the past; 2) find more joy, purpose and peace of mind in the present; and 3) acquire assurance and direction for the future.

  • Bearings: Where Am I Now?
  • What is My Relationship to Myself?
  • Beliefs: The Truths and Rules that Govern my Life
  • Turning Points: What Crucial Changes Brought Me Here?
  • Significant Others: How Do I Relate?
  • How Important is Forgiveness in my Life?
  • Goals: How to Set Them and How to Make Them So
  • Coping: How Do I Manage Stress, Threat, and Challenge?
  • Potentiality: What’s Possible for Me?


Youth In Trouble

Youth in Trouble is a multi-faceted, psycho-educational process for youth who find themselves socially, spiritually or educationally heading in the wrong direction. It is designed to help people ages 13-21 unearth the reasons why and construct their own personal gateway to change. Young people navigate through a journey of self discovery and education – a process designed to create a paradigm shift to begin seeing oneself as a citizen who productively contributes to their own good and society’s as well. Once destructive habits, behaviors, and thought processes are identified and replaced, these young men or women will have the tools essential to confidently and proactively negotiate a self-fulfilled and industrious life.


Anger Management

Controlling Anger in an Increasingly Angry World

This 8 to 24 week program is designed to help the participant develop a mastery over their anger on a deeply personal level. It is a clear map, devoid of unnecessary psycho-babble for helping participants to acquire the skills needed to better manage anger in an increasingly angry world. This program may be used to supplement another or may stand on its own.


Temperament Type

The Science of Personality

The dynamic nature of human personality and the development model of psychological type are the elements that make up this amazing six week workshop. Find out how you are “hard-wired” and why you do the things you do. Are you the Field Marshall, the Counselor or the Performer? Learn the formula of what actually happens to your personality when under stress. The self assessment questions, strategies and activities all help to explore and experience questions of early development, mid-life transition and older age perspectives. This workshop will help you discover not only how to be comfortable with yourself, but how you fit in the world.

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